Advanced Drilling and Well Technology

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Advanced Drilling and Well Technology captures the vast developments that have occurred in well technology over the past several decades. The 10 chapters focus on applications related to many of the field-related challenges being faced today, such as deepwater and high-pressure/high-temperature wells, as well as emerging technologies like managed pressure drilling, expandable casing, coiled-tubing drilling, and multilateral wells.

About the Author

Bernt S. Aadnoy is a professor of petroleum engineering at the University of Stavanger; he previously has worked for Phillips Petroleum, Rogaland Research, Statoil, and Saga Petroleum. Aadnoy has published more than 100 papers, mostly on rock mechanics and well technology. He also has written several books and has served as a Technical Editor for SPE Drilling & Completion, SPE Journal, and the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. Aadnoy holds a mechanical engineering degree from Stavanger Tech, a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wyoming, an MS degree in control engineering from the University of Texas, and a PhD degree in rock mechanics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. He was the recipient of the 1999 SPE Drilling Engineering Award.

Iain Cooper is currently a technical advisor for the Schlumberger Mergers and Acquisitions Group. He previously worked for Schlumberger Cambridge Research (1992 1996), Anadrill Schlumberger (1996 2001), and Schlumberger s Drilling Research Centers in Cambridge and Connecticut (2001 2004); in 2004, he moved back to Houston to head global product development for Schlumberger Well Services. Cooper holds a degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Bristol, UK, and a PhD degree in meteorology from the University of Reading, UK; he is a Chartered Scientist and Fellow of both the Institute of Physics and the Royal Meteorological Society and holds 13 patents relating to oilfield technologies.

Stefan Z. Miska is currently Jonathan Detwiler Endowed Chair Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Director of Tulsa University Drilling Research Projects (TUDRP) at The University of Tulsa (TU). He obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow, Poland. Over the years, he has taught at his Alma Mater, at the Norwegian Institute of Technology and New Mexico Tech. In 1992 he joined TU as Chair of its P.E. Department. Miska published over 160 technical papers and contributed to several books. His current research interests are focused on wellbore hydraulics, mechanics of tubulars and directional drilling. He is involved with the SPE in many ways; he has served as Technical Editor for Drilling and Completion and is a member of the Drilling and Completion Advisory Committee. He was also the recipient of the 2000 Distinguished Petroleum Engineering Faculty, 2003 Outstanding Technical Editor and the 2004 Drilling Engineering awards. Miska also serves on the JPT Editorial Committee.

Robert F. Mitchell is a Halliburton Fellow in the Drilling and Evaluation Division of Halliburton. Previously, he was vice president of Enertech Engineering and Research Company from 1980 to 1996 and worked at Exxon Production Research Co from 1973 to 1980. Mitchell has published more than 80 papers on wellbore and well completion problems. He edited the Drilling Engineering volume of SPE s 2007 Petroleum Engineering Handbook and is currently lead editor for the SPE textbook Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering. He has served as a technical editor for several peer-reviewed journals and is currently Executive Editor of SPE Drilling & Completion. Mitchell holds BA, MME, and PhD degrees from Rice University. He was the recipient of the 2005 SPE Drilling Engineering Award.

Michael L. Payne is a senior advisor for BP in the Exploration and Production Technology Group (EPTG) in Houston. Previously an advisor for Arco, Payne has 29 years of drilling experience, including operations, computing, technology, and consulting; he has worked in the areas of ERD, HP/HT, deepwater well design, tubulars, drilling dynamics, failure analyses, reliability, and special projects. Payne has published extensively and has served as Chairman of several API and ISO committees. He holds BS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from Rice University, an MS degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Houston, and executive education from Southern Methodist University and the University of Chicago GSB. Payne has been recognized by SPE as a Distinguished Lecturer (1995) and with the Drilling Engineering Award (2000).

Type: Softcover
Size: 7x10
Pages: 888
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9781555631451

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