Computer-Assisted Reservoir Management

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Recent computer advancements have made it possible to use geoscience and engineering software on desktop computers, previously exclusive to mainframes operated by specialists. This book, written for multidisciplinary professionals, teaches key concepts in computerized reservoir management techniques integral in developing economically viable projects. Based on the authors successful training course, this book provides real life case studies, example problems, and results of sensitivity analysis. Coupled with computer software, this book will save you valuable time and money by eliminating unnecessary waste and guesswork. Computer Assisted Reservoir Management will provide you with the in-depth training necessary for successful integration of reservoir management software into your current management plan.

Features & Benefits

  • Make a reservoir development plan
  • Monitor, evaluate, and operate reservoirs
  • Optimize oil and gas reservoir operations
  • Create mathematical models of reservoirs
  • Compare operating scenarios
  • Rapidly analyze reservoir data


  • Geoscientist
  • Engineer
  • Students

About the Authors

Dr. Abdus Satter recently retired from his position as Sr. Research Consultant in the Texaco E&P Technology Department and established his own consulting firm, Satter & Associates in Houston, Texas. He has more than three decades of worldwide, diversified experience and expertise in reservoir technologies and enhanced recovery techniques. He has authored many technical papers and reservoir management books, including Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management and Integrated Waterflood Asset Management.

James O. Baldwin has more than 30 years experience in reservoir development and exploitation of onshore and offshore fields. Currently an independent petroleum engineering consultant, his expertise lies in geological, geophysical, petroleum engineering, reservoir simulations, and economic evaluation areas. He has worked for several oil companies including Marathon, Mobil, and Conoco and serves on several SPE committees. Baldwin earned a B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and a M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southwest Louisiana.

Richard A. Jespersen recently retired from his position as Sr. Research Consultant for Texaco at their E&P Technology Department in Houston, Texas. He has more than 29 years experience in oil exploration and production, including seismic processing and interpretation, reservoir description and simulation, petroleum economics, risk assessment and international operations.More recently, Jespersen was part of a team that developed plans for optimizing reservoir management. Jespersen earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of Missouri and a Ph.D. in Physics from Iowa State University.

Type: Softcover
Size: 6x9
Pages: 278
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780878147779

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Abdus Satter | Jim Baldwin | Rich Jespersen
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