Organic Deposits in Oil and Gas Production

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Organic Deposits in Oil and Gas Production provides an overview of the science and technology of organic solids formation, deposition, removal, and prevention, with emphasis on the basic chemical and mechanical principles of deposition control. Chapters describe the flow systems in which arterial deposits occur, place the technical aspects of deposition management in the perspective of the upstream oil and gas business, and address multiple aspects of organic deposits, including the chemical and physical driving forces for deposit formation, the methods for managing deposits, and the simulation tools that may be used to forecast the magnitude of potential problems. This book is the companion to Formation, Removal, and Inhibition of Inorganic Scale in the Oilfield Environment. Together, these books will help you diagnose and resolve deposition issues in your operations.

About the Author

Wayne W. Frenier recently retired from Schlumberger after more than 30 years of research and development activities in the energy industry. His most recent assignment was as a Schlumberger Advisor in product development in Sugar Land, Texas. Frenier is the author of 28 US patents, two books, and numerous technical articles. He holds an MS degree in chemistry from the University of Chicago and is a member of SPE, NACE International, and the American Chemical Society.

Murtaza Ziauddin is a Principal Engineer with Schlumberger and works on research and development projects in the areas of organic and inorganic scale, matrix stimulation of sandstones and carbonates, enhanced oil recovery, and CO2 sequestration. He also has led the development of a geochemical simulation software for matrix acidizing and inorganic scale prediction. Ziauddin is the author of numerous technical articles and two US patents; he joined Schlumberger in 1997 after receiving a BS degree from the University of Houston and a PhD degree from the University of Minnesota, both in chemical engineering. He is a member of SPE and several other engineering societies.

Ramachandran Venkatesan is a Staff Research Scientist at Chevron Energy Technology Company. He consults Chevron s operating companies on reservoir fluid phase behavior, organic solids precipitation, and deposition phenomena and oilfield rheology. He has also championed flow assurance technology development efforts in fluid properties, paraffin deposition, and gelation. Venkatesan holds a bachelor s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan, all in Chemical Engineering. He is a member of SPE and several other engineering societies.

Type: Softcover
Size: 7x10
Pages: 362
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9781555632915

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Wayne Frenier | Murtaza Ziauddin | Ramachandran Venkatesan
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