Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language, 4th Edition - electronic book

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Authors Don Burdick and Bill Leffler have completely rewritten this time-honored bestseller. With its chapters on all the base chemicals and derivatives, plus seven new ones covering the Fischer-Tropsch process, polyurethane, epoxy resins, and more, the 4th edition presents the broadest available look inside the petrochemical industry.

Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language, 4th Edition is a classic that delivers the information every person in the industry needs, translating difficult concepts into understandable language with easy-to-understand diagrams, charts, and tables, and digestible chapter reviews. Read it cover to cover or by chapter as the subject comes up in your business. Use it as a nontechnical encyclopedia or as a primer in petrochemical economics. 

Features and Benefits

  • Read it cover to cover for a nontechnical education covering 90% (by volume) of the traded petrochemicals.
  • Read a chapter or section as subjects come up in your business life. Each chapter is designed to be a self-contained description of one petrochemical. If you’re too busy, there are short summaries at the end of each chapter.
  • Use it as a nontechnical encyclopedia. The glossary in the back has more than 300 technical terms and is blessedly nontechnical. 
  • Use it as a primer in petrochemical economics. Many of the chapters have material balances that will let you put current prices to them.
  • Recommend it to your team members, team leaders, or anyone else who needs to know at least half as much about petrochemicals as you do.


  • Petroleum engineers
  • Field level personnel
  • Management
  • Energy lending and finance professionals
  • Anyone who seeks to understand how, or relies upon, energy markets
  • Students

About the Authors

About the Authors

Donald L. Burdick earned his Ph.D. from Kansas University and has been an educator, industrial researcher, petrochemicals marketer, and senior executive with Gulf, Chevron, BASF, and Haltermann Custom Processing, where he was Vice-president Marketing. Since his retirement after more than 40 years in the industry, he has pursued writing, teaching, and consulting. Dr. Burdick has co-authored several scientific papers and has 12 patents credited to his name.

William L. Leffler earned an MBA and PhD from New York University and a BS from MIT. After a commission in the US Navy, he worked in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries for 36 years in the US and abroad. Following that, he taught courses in universities and in companies on the upstream, downstream, and petrochemicals for 20 years while pursuing his writing career.

Type: eBook
Pages: 401
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9781593709839

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