Process Operations: Lessons Learned in a Nontechnical Language

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Geared to young and seasoned professionals alike, Process Operations: Lessons Learned in a Nontechnical Language is designed to present a straightforward approach to mastering the principles and concepts all process engineers should be able to apply without the need of a computer. While simulations and models are useful for examining long-term operational issues, they cannot replace the dimension of human logic and reason required when tackling the array of complexand sometimes life threateningsituations that occur in process plants. Using the author's experiences from over 58 years in the process industry, this book provides approaches to understanding core process concepts in ways that will equip the engineer to walk out of an office into a plant and directly resolve process deficiencies via small operational changes or simple retrofits.

Features and Benefits

  • Process technology stories relating to things the author experienced
  • Practical advice for optimizing interactions with key plant operations personnel
  • Lessons learned from application in the field


  • Field level personnel
  • Management
  • Energy lending and finance professionals
  • Anyone who seeks to understand how, or relies upon, energy markets
  • Students

About the Author

Norman P. Lieberman is an independent consultant who troubleshoots refinery process problems. His 58 years of experience have included troubleshooting process plant problems for Amoco Oil and the Good Hope Refinery in Louisiana. He has held positions from technical service fi eld engineer to refinery manager. Most of his career has been devoted to process design and plant operations supervision.

Lieberman holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from Cooper Union and Purdue. His areas of expertise include delayed coking, alkylation, sulfur recovery, FCCU, and energy conservation. He teaches a popular course, "Troubleshooting Hydrocarbon Processes," based on his books. He has authored several books covering troubleshooting, process engineering, design, and equipment.

Type: Hardcover
Size: 6x9
Pages: 225
Published: June 2022
ISBN: 9781955578066

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Norman P. Lieberman
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