Shale Oil & Gas Reservoirs: Criteria and Cutoffs - electronic book

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Improved shale reservoir training has been declared as a critical requirement for meeting future oil and gas demands. Shale Oil & Gas Reservoirs: Criteria and Cutoffs, answers that call by addressing the reservoir characteristics, lab tests, and critical evaluation concepts that are somewhat unique to shale oil & gas plays. The presented information is concise, practical, and primarily intended for those directly engaged in ranking, valuing, or optimizing shale development opportunities. The book reviews and expands upon key topics the author covers in shale training courses, which have been conducted in a dozen different countries for hundreds of industry professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • Pragmatic review of the unique concepts and critical measurements for characterizing shales
  • Insights to improve communications between shale evaluation team members and to maximize the amount of information extracted from shale presentations, publications, and data rooms
  • Coverage of many practical and neglected methods for developing more reliable valuations of producing properties and prospects
  • Clarification of shale terminology and many misunderstood aspects of shale reservoir analysis
  • Guidance on adopting specific maximum and minimum cutoffs for dozens of key formation characteristics that control the hydrocarbon storage and flow capacities of shale reservoirs


  • Engineers
  • Geoscientists
  • Technicians
  • Service company representatives
  • Energy lending and finance professionals
  • Anyone looking to gain insights into shale characteristics and analysis
  • Students

About the Author

Steven W. Hennings has been solely focused on unconventional reservoir evaluation and development activities for the past fifteen years. This has included onsite experience with unconventional well completions, production operations, and exploration activities around the United States and five other countries. Steve also evaluated unconventional reservoirs while serving as the technology transfer coordinator at a major research center and while completing various computer simulation studies at several regional offices. Many of the insights gained from his direct involvement in development and evaluation activities are summarized in an award-winning technical paper and in annual training courses he conducts for the Society of Petroleum Engineers on shale reservoir analysis and hydraulic fracturing. Steve is a licensed professional engineer with a BS in Petroleum Engineering and an MS in Finance.


Type: eBook
Pages: 215
Published: January 2023
ISBN: 9781955578097

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Steven W. Hennings
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