Successful Smart Grid Implementation, 2nd Edition - electronic book

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The definitive guide on smart grid project development and execution!

Planning and implementing a smart grid project can be one of the most complex endeavors that a utility undertakes. The electrical industry is rapidly changing and even the term "smart grid" has evolved from applying to the first automated meter reading systems to describing today's complex landscape of distributed energy resources (DER) and grid management. The new technologies, integrations to legacy systems, business process transformation within the utility, and customer engagement aspects are multifaceted and interrelated in a way that challenges utility planners and implementers. Indeed, a typical smart grid project usually has components that would be considered large projects in their own right.

Designed for individuals in the electrical industry (utilities, consultants, implementers, integrators, vendors, and suppliers) who lead or participate in smart grid project strategy, planning, execution, integration, test, and delivery. This book distills lessons learned and best practices from successful projects into an understandable guide and roadmap for those either starting on their smart grid journey or about to embark on new elements of grid modernization. The reader will be taken through the process from the very first planning steps through operational transition and next steps, though each phase is presented in a standalone manner so readers can jump to the most appropriate stage of the life cycle for their needs. Valuable lessons learned and nuggets of wisdom throughout will help readers avoid pitfalls and promote project success.

Features & Benefits

  • Overview of elements / challenges of a smart grid project
  • Getting started with the strategy and creation of the business case
  • Building the right multi-vendor execution team and preparing for the critical start
  • Explanation of smart grid technologies and system integration techniques
  • The required smart grid business transformation process, new workflows, and change management
  • The science and art of project execution methods to meet project goals of schedule, cost, scope, and quality


  • Utilities
  • Field level personnel
  • Management
  • Energy lending and finance professionals
  • Anyone who seeks to understand how, or relies upon, energy markets
  • Students

About the Author

Jim Ketchledge, a certified PMP, is the President of High Summit Partners LLC. An astute and entrepreneurial executive, he has founded and matured several utility consulting businesses over his 35-year career, and is a recognized leader in the industry who has helped dozens of clients from the early stages of projects through to "go-live." He has melded business leadership skills, deep technical and engineering expertise, along with people and change management skills to manage all aspects of intricate smart grid implementations. Jim is a long-time member of the DistribuTECH Advisory Committee and teaches national courses on smart grid and project management. He holds Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering from Drexel University and Syracuse University, respectively.

Type: eBook
Pages: 269
Published: February, 2024
ISBN: 9781955578196

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James A. Ketchledge
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