Surviving Energy Prices

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Energy prices have been at the center of the news in this new millennium. Swift fluctuations in the energy markets often have a brutal effect on the company bottom line. In his concise and comprehensive book, hedging guru Peter C. Beutel gives readers the tools they need to play the energy price volatility game and win. Using a nontechnical style for quick reading, Beutel distills a lifetime of trading into simple concepts that can be used to get companies off the baseline and into the game—which they are now playing and sometimes losing.

Surviving Energy Prices will benefit professionals in any industry suddenly faced with understanding the energy business—airlines and railroads to aluminum and steel smelters; reporters and brokers to manufacturers and heating oil distributors; entry-level energy employees to legislators and municipal energy buyers; fleet operators, utility traders, landlords—the list goes on.

Features & Benefits

  • Understand why, when, and how to use different instruments to hedge
  • Develop a sense of the forces that affect price and how to master them
  • Learn to interpret price charts quickly
  • Quickly master trading jargon

Table of Contents

  • The New Volatility
  • Understanding Hedging
  • Different Kinds of Risk
  • Wet Barrel Programs
  • Understanding Futures & Options
  • When to Use Futures & Options
  • Bank Swaps and Inventory Financing
  • Timing
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Seasonal Tendencies & Market Psychology
  • Trading Adages, Good and Bad
  • Glossary of Terms

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197 pages/Softcover/2005
ISBN 10: 1-59370-241-8

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Peter C. Beutel
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    Some Relevant Information

    Posted by Thomas Castor on 28th Feb 2018

    This book makes the case for hedging, mostly in the oil physical business. I am disappointed that a book that is somewhat dated is still so expensive. I do not think that the book is worth the price, although there is some good information.

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