Turbine Steam Path Maintenance & Repair, Volume I

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by William P. Sanders, P. Eng.

"Mr. Sanders is to be congratulated for his dedication to the mechanical engineering profession by contributing this well written and thorough work for the benefit of the entire power generation industry." --Thomas H. McCloskey, Manager, Turbomachinery, Electric Power Research Institute

William P. Sanders, prominent expert in the field of steam turbines, brings the information and expertise of his seminars to this long-awaited practical approach to steam turbine maintenance and repair. This authoritative guide affords anyone seeking information on turbine steam path maintenance and repair a complete and focused working knowledge of the subject - from the experienced engineer to industry lay person.

The reader of this book will be able to:

  • Identify the type and severity of any damage
  • Suggest possible cause of damage
  • Indicate the most appropriate corrective actions available

With thought-provoking examples, numerous photographs and figures, and an excellent simplification of a complicated topic, Turbine Steam Path Maintenance & Repair, Volume I is sure to be an invaluable resource readers turn to many times during their careers!

  • Considerations of a turbine steam path maintenance strategy
  • Steam path component alignment & stage spatial requirements
  • Steam path damage induced by water
  • Operational events giving rise to steam path damage
  • Steam path damage and deterioration from material property degradation
  • Steam path damage and deterioration from the deposition of contaminants

753 Pages/Hardcover/2001
ISBN10 0-87814-787-X

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William P. Sanders
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