Wind Power: The Industry Grows Up

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by Rebecca L. Busby

In her timely new book, best-selling author Rebecca Busby provides a balanced, comprehensive view of the wind power industry. Dr. Jon G. McGowan recommends this well-written and well-documented book as "required reading for people who want to obtain an initial overview of this most interesting energy field."

The book enables readers to:

  • Expand their knowledge of the environmental and economic issues associated with wind power development
  • Understand the steps involved in developing a wind farm and the best ways to operate it successfully and profitably
  • Find out how wind energy is integrated into power grids and transmission networks, including the growing use of technologies for energy storage
  • Get an overall picture of the global wind business and the deployment of offshore wind power
  • Learn the basics of how wind power is generated and used, how wind turbines work, and how wind power systems are designed
  • Understand how wind energy is measured and evaluated at prospective sites with included maps of wind resources worldwide
  • Review the status of global wind energy research, technology development, and product testing, as well as advanced wind power generation concepts


  • Overview: how wind power works
  • Components: what išs a wind turbine made of?
  • Wind power system design: combining strength and flexibility
  • Small wind power: traditional systems and alternative designs
  • Assessment: mapping and measuring the world's wind
  • Wind farms: developing and operating wind power plants
  • Wind power integration: striking a new balance
  • Transmission and storage: facilitating wind power integration
  • Offshore wind: entering the mainstream
  • Advanced technologies: R&D, testing, and new twists on old ideas
  • The global wind industry: markets, business, and government policy
  • Environmental and economic issues: wind power grows up

568 Pages/Hardcover/May 2012
ISBN10 1-59370-244-2

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