Drilling Engineering

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The world of drilling from A to Z! Coauthored by a leading drilling engineering professor/researcher and a well-experienced drilling research advisor, Drilling Engineering explains the fundamentals and field practices in drilling operations.

Topics covered

  • Rotary drilling for oil & gas
  • Drilling fluids
  • Fluid flow and associated pressures in the rotary rig circulating system
  • Drill bit hydraulics
  • Drilled cuttings transport
  • Prevention and control mechanics of well blowouts
  • Directional well drilling
  • Drill bit mechanics
  • Drillstring fundamentals
  • Drilling problems
  • Casing and cementing design
  • Well planning in drilling engineering

Features & Benefits

  • Full understanding of the rotary drilling process and its engineering design aspects
  • Recognizing drilling problems and determining solution options
  • Design, execution and post analysis of all drilling programs


  • Drilling engineers
  • Drilling supervisors
  • Managers
  • Petroleum engineering students

About the Author

J.J. Azar joined the University of Tulsa (TU) in 1965 as an assistant professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering. In 1975, he joined the school’s petroleum engineering department as a full professor and director of its drilling research projects. He retired from TU in 2002 and continued his involvement in the oil and gas industry as a consultant until the present. Azar is the recipient of the 1997 SPE Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, the 1998 SPE Drilling Engineering Award, and became an SPE Distinguished in 2004. He has held positions on the SPE Education & Professionalism Technical Committee; SPE Student Advisor, SPE Career Guidance & Student Development Committee; SPE Book Review Committee; and the SPE Drilling & Completion Technical Committee. Azar is also a member of the United States National Academy of Engineering and the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, and Technology. He holds BS and MS degrees in aerospace engineering and a PhD in mechanical engineering, all from the University of Oklahoma.

Dr.Robello Samuel has been a Chief Technical advisor and is currently a Technology Fellow in the Drilling division of Halliburton, working with Halliburton since 1998. He is presently a research and engineering lead for well engineering applications and responsible for research and scientific activities for new drilling technologies. Dr. Samuel began his career working on rigs as a field and drilling engineer for nine years with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. Since then he has developed more than 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience in domestic and international oil/gas drilling and completion operations, management, consulting, software development and teaching. His skills include practical and theoretical background in on-shore and off-shore well engineering, design, cost estimates, supervision of drilling and completion operations, personnel and technical review; project management; and creative establishment of project relationships through partnering and innovation. Dr. Samuel has also been responsible for analyzing offerings for key technologies with niche capabilities and developing synergistic, strategic relationships in the energy industry. In 2013, he received the Gulf Coast SPE Drilling Engineering Award and in 2014 he received the Distinguished Lecturer award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Type: Hardcover
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 500
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9781593700720

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J.J. Azar | G. Robello Samuel
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